Tecumseh's War

by Pan-Amerikan Native Front

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released October 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Pan-Amerikan Native Front Illinois

All instruments by Kurator of War

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Track Name: Indigenous Blood Revival
Treaties unjust, an insatiable lust
Of our hunting grounds
White settlers, deceitful peddlers
Push them back away from the old mounds
Warriors press on, steal all their guns
Swift execution in multiple rounds
Divert the factions, united actions
Push them back away from the old mounds

Movements of the Enemy
Defiance and Resistance

Supreme command, to retake our land
This is more than survival
Merciless scalping, intimate revenge
An indigenous fucking blood revival!

Prepare for War
Native Vengeance
Summon the War Raids
Track Name: Raising the War Club
Raising the war club to the cries of war
An onset of death to the long-knives
They march on and burn our villages
Hostile campaign to weaken their forces

A fire is lit in our fervent hearts
Armies assembled, battles are won
Bashing the skulls of our enemies
One by one
The Great Spirit protects us
Courage and strength
To defend for our freedom

Track Name: Tenskwatawa
Prophetic uprising, a spiritual movement
United in the signs and omens of our lore
Visions of snakes, birds, lightning, and wind
Tempest conditions and incantations

“I am the deliverer of my people
We are the first creations from the Master of Life
We must reject the ways of the Pale Face
And return to the ways of the Ancient

These lands are ours
And no one has the right to remove us
Because we’re the first owners
The Great Spirit above
Appointed this place for us
In which to light our fires
And here we will remain”

Council fires perpetually kindled
To signal a meeting of unity
Across all nations
And here we will remain
Track Name: Tecumseh's Confederacy
Invalidation of the Treaty of Greenville
Here, from distant lands, we gather
To smoke the pipe of peace
And plan our defense in secret

Come! Join us Shawnee!
Come! Join us Potawatomi!
Come! Join us Wyandot and Lenape!
Come! Join us Sauk, Fox and Odowa!

Come! Join us!

An escalation of eroding relations
Peace broken at The Battle of Tippecanoe
Along the Wabash, the enemy travels
Intrepid warriors, never yield to the opposition

Chants of War
Open combat in the smoke of battle
Tecumseh’s Confederacy, an empire
Before the will of the Great Spirit
Track Name: Anti-Expansionist Diplomacy
Bloodshed spilled
Attacks from the long-knives
Left many fearless men dead or wounded
Under the British flag A new alliance is formed
Comrades in arms, bound by a common peril

Proclamation Of a war of extermination
Relinquish thoughts of deliberate murder
British aid against advancing Americans
Sound the cries of war, in pursuit of victory

Shoot! Blood! Charge! Battle!

Night falls on Canadian soil
Retreat and recovery
Dreams of perseverance
Tecumseh vows
To maintain the fate of his people
Procession of an American invasion

Advance! Advance!
Track Name: Battle of the Thames
Along the flowing river of the Thames
The enemy crosses in boat and cavalry
Weakened British troops, clinging on
For a final stand is imminent

American horsemen dash at the line
Exhausted and disordered
A second barrage follows
Riding and firing
The attacks quickly subdue
The expected surrender
And subjugation

Others fled upon seeing the enemy
Native warriors remained
Lurking by the swamp
Unknowingly left to fend for themselves
Within range the battle began

Tecumseh has Johnson in sight , he charges
Leaders of opposite brigades – face to face
But in a single shot to the chest
The fall of his tomahawk signals the end